Millennium Project: Red Drawings

1981-2019+ Millennium Project: Red Drawings: Illustrations for an Essay (refracted Crystal Palace/collapsed, hollowed-out and redrawn imagery; several hundred... various red-inks and dyes on thin compressed papers drawings/collages, repeatedly overprinted with hundreds of small photo-linocuts in white, waterbase lino-ink; possible studies for very large oil-paintings or maybe frescos); in-progress. The Red Drawings are sold for $1500 each which includes a life-time exchange option -- over a million dollars in circulating artwork!

Red Drawings: Millennium Project: various red and colored ink washes, dyes, pigments; photo-polymer, photo-linocuts, engraved, (derived from even earlier drawings: collapsed, hollowed-out graphic art narratives -- restrained figure drawings -- interlocking parting wakes) multiple block-printed, water-based lino-inks/extenders, gauche, arcylics, color pencil, stencils on individually inked/painted, collaged, (archival bookbinding pastes) and mechanically compressed, thin, multi-layered, papers.

The project began as a billboard-sized assemblage of Crystal Palace imagery, multiple-exposed-(photocopy on acetate) Auto-Trader-pics, elements from the cartoon imagery, and small inverted television-models. Any sense of scale by this time has been lost; the resolution has always been before us. Modern Volition. New Desire. Real Detail. Four quite large scans from the reduced maquette (left-to-right) are visible here. Should you be involved with the production of digital-murals or billboard-art, this may be of particular interest. Fire-off some e-mail if so.

The Red Drawings of course continue: I have included a few selected sample shots of their last state. Currently they have assumed a vertical orientation, additional red-layers over colored traces, and tinted lino-ink impressions. A second body of overprinted imagery (venetian-red lino-ink) is anticipated.

Another set of overprints is now in effect. See the October 2008 listing for the "most but not all" inventory.

The backs of the red-drawings are now being developed as well, using Selected Systematic Similarities elements. See the September 2011 listing.

By now they have wonderful, well-developed irregular edges, so they'll all be re-scanned large format and something made from their outlines. Also some more surface purple-pencil drawing from overlaid pocket projections -- plus, detailed, miniatur$ painted (mixed sign-paint + manicure-brushes), over the collaged, torn atlas/constellation/notation bits... Provenance: one big red fish Gallery price: $1500 Rental/exhibit fee: $55/mo. Reproduction: no fee; CC license Inventory: 150reddwgs [] [] [bbraceATeskimoDOTcom] [telephone: enquire] NB: there are still at this time several hundred red drawings underway -- never deliberately counted them but probably closer to 750 in number although the total fluctuates of course -- they're really 'peaking' now and could quickly be suitable for a hotel (multi-unit) complex installation: one or two framed (per spec) artworks per room in all 500+ suites/living-quarters -- so still very much open to these 'group' purchase options --individual purchases/subscriptions-really are also in effect {carefully packaged and shipped at my expense.} email:bbraceATeskimoPUNTOcom Another possibility for the remaining red drawings is to stage a permanent (but adjunct) exhibition which is replenished when work is sold or removed -- in this way they begin to reference the MetaConstruct (installation series... as well as enabling other present uses... this could end up being more of a new gallery-design project (lots of ideas for that!) 150reddwgs FIFTY {BIG SHIFT} NEW ELEMENTS VERSO RED DRAWINGS 2018-2019

A celebratory, full-255-character art-font: MillenniumAlpha is available here as binhex or here as sit, for use now. [Macintosh-postscript]. It's also available commercially.